The summary of physical education of Chou dynasty (1111-221 B.C.)

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Title translated into German:Zusammenfassung der Koerpererziehung in der Chou-Dynastie (1111-221 v.Chr.)
Author:Fan, Cheng-Chih
Published in:Asian journal of physical education
Published:15 (1992), 3-4 , S. 24-26
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
Language:English, Chinese
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Identification number:PU199301062552


Physical history of prehistoric age in China begins fromm three thousand B.C., about the age of Huangati that includes Chou and Han dynasties. This period not only presents Chinese prehistoric physical culture but is a significant foundation of Chinese physical education. This article aims to report the initial forms and development of prehistoric physical activities in Chou Dynasty. Before studying the topic, we should know the two characteristics at that period that they gave the priority to action over theorem and virtue over skill. In this paper, we will hold these features and make a brief summary from Chous physical activities, physical education of schools, physical ideas and theorem, the regimenal ideas and function of physical education and entertaining function. Verf.-Referat (gekuerzt)