Influence of baseline lung function on exercise-induced response in childhood asthma

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Title translated into German:Einfluss der Ruhelungenfunktion auf die belastungsbedingte Reaktion bei Kindern mit Asthma
Author:Linna, Olavi
Published in:Acta paediatrica Scandinavica
Published:79 (1990), S. 664-669, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199202042182


The dependence of bronchial reactivity to exercise on baseline lung function was studied in 84 asthmatic children aged 7-16 years. The percentage fall in PEF values after a standard exercise running test was 8.4+/-8.6 in the 39 children with an attack rate of less than 10 per year and 29.6+/-23.3 in the 45 children with an attack rate of 10 or more per year (p<0.001). A significant negative correlation (r=-0.46, p<0.001) was found for pre-exercise MMEF and other sensitive tests or airway calibre with the response to exercise, but no such correlation was found between baseline PEF or SGaw values and the exercise response. These results show that bronchial hyperreactivity to exercise is dependent on residual airway obstruction, but a wide variety of reactivity can occur. If the baseline flow-values are less than three standard deviations below the mean reference, however, a clinically significant response to exercise can be predicted. Verf.-Referat