The establishment on the imperial military examination system in the Tang Dynasty and its development in the Song Dynasty

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Title translated into German:Die Einfuehrung des Systems der militaerischen Eignungspruefung in der Tang-Dynastie und seine Weiterentwicklung in der Song-Dynastie
Author:Boyuan, Lin
Published in:Sport science : journal of China Sports Science Society
Published:9 (1989), 1 , S. 16-19, Lit.
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The establishment of the system of military examination in the Tang Dynasty served the needs of the growing landlord class and particularly the rule of Empress Wu Zetian. In establishing this system, the Tang rulers set down the subjects for the examination, the procedures of examination, and the rules for coferring military ranks to officials. The system was further improved in the Song Dynasty with the addition of new procedures, the provision of examination rooms and the selection of military officers at regular intervals. Such improvements served as the basis for the perfection of the system in the subsequent Ming Dynasty. Verf.-Referat