Kinematic analysis of olympic hurdle performance: womens 100 meters

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Title translated into German:Kinematische Analyse der Huerdenleistung: Die 100m der Frauen
Author:Mann, Ralph; Hermann, John
Published in:International journal of sport biomechanics
Published:1 (1985), 2 , S. 163-173, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU198603025452


Selected kinematic variables in the performance of the Gold and Silver medalists and the eight-place finisher in the womens 100-meter hurdles final at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games were investigated. Cinematographic records were obtained for all track hurdling events at the Games, with the 100-meter hurdle performers singled out for initial analysis. In this race, sagittal view filming records (199 fps) were collected at the 9th hurdle of the performance. Computer generated analysis variables included both direct performance variables (body velocity, support time etc.) and body kinematics (upper leg position, lower leg velocity, etc.) that have previously been utilized in the analysis of elite athlete hurdlers. The difference in place finish was releated to the performance variables body horizontal velocity (direct), vertical (indirect), and support time (indirect). The critical body kinematics variables related to success included upper and lower leg velocity during support into and off the hurdle (direct), relative horizontal foot position (to the body) at touchdown into and off the hurdle (indirect), and relative horizontal foot velocity (to the body) at touchdown into the hurdle. Verf.-Referat