SURF is the Sport Information Portal provided by the Federal Institute of Sport Science (Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft / BISp).

With only one search request you get the relevant information from all four BISp databases:

  • SPOLIT (publications)
  • SPOFOR (projects)
  • SPOMEDIA (audio-visual media)
  • “Fachinfoführer Sport” (internet resources)

In addition, you can search other external data collections at the same time to complete your results list.

Our service is completed by numerous filter options for the refinement of your search results, various export formats and a SDI service.

You know publications, projects or other media that are not yet listed in SURF? Please report the evidence via our reporting tool and contribute to the completion of SURF.

Do you have any questions about the content of SURF or how to search the databases? You are welcome to contact us via our contact form or directly via email.