School Desk and Chair Design Based on High School Female Students Anthropometry Qazvin, Iran 2007 to 2008

Author: T. Aivazloo; F. Mohammadi; Z. Amani; M. Ghalehnovi; S. Varmazyar; F. Inanloo; S. Moradkhani
Language: Farsi
Published: 2008
Source: Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Articles
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Background and ObjectivesAnthropometry data compiled from body dimensions of female high school students are used to optimize the design of desks and chairs for the classrooms of these students. It is necessary to design suitable desk/chair based on anthropometry data in order to reduce musculoskeletal, visual, circulatory problems, and bad posture during long hours of studying.The goal of this study is to design desks/chairs based on the standard BS 5873 using the body dimensions of 240 female high school students.Methods240 female students, between the ages of 15 to 17 years old were selected from six different high schools in district 2 of city of Qazvin in Iran. Data for this study were gathered using an interview method and anthropometry measurement devices. Results Eighteen body dimension parameters of 240 female high school students were obtained. The collected data were analyzed and compared to the standard using SPSS methods. The participant students were divided into 2 groups and customized desk/chair designs were built to fit their body dimensions. ConclusionThere is a significant difference between each customized desk and chair dimension, and standard dimensions used in the industry with an exception of the heights of these designs. We suggest that customized designs based on body dimensions promote correct posture, comfort and health.Keywords: Human Ergonomics; Anthropometry; Equipment Design.