Investigating the mediating role of mental health in the relationship between Religious beliefs and organizational health (Case Study: public universities in Tehran)

Author: Najmeh Jalalipour; Masoud Geramipour; Mahmoud Borjali
Language: Farsi
Published: 2016
Source: Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Articles
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This paper aims to discover the link between religious beliefs and people’s organizational health levels in Tehran’s state universities while focusing on the mediatory role of psychological health. The research population included all of the faculty members, administrators and the staffs of Tehran state universities which 635 members were randomly selected through multistage cluster sampling. Allport religious orientation scale, Goldberg and Williams (1980) general health questionnaire and Lowe (2010) organizational health questionnaire were used in order to collect the research data. The research is of descriptive-correlational type and has been carried out through structural equation modeling and the data were analyzed using the software AMOS. The result illustrates that not only there is a significant positive relationship between religious beliefs and organizational health estimated with 99 percent of confidence, but also the religious beliefs have an indirect effect on organizational health through psychological health. It is recommended, based on empirical results of this research, that religious counseling service for university faculty members and staffs are more considered by administrators in order to promote mental health and university health.