Simultaneous bilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Cost comparison and functional results

Author: Matjaž Sajovic
Language: English; Slovenian
Published: 2014
Source: Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Articles
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Background : The ideal treatment for patients presenting with bilateral anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) deficiency remains controversial. The purpose was to evaluate cost and mid-term functional results after one-stage bilateral ACL reconstruction using either hamstring or patella tendon autograft. Methods : We compared the mid-term outcome of 7 patients (14 knees) who had one-stage bilateral ACL reconstruction with that of a matched group of patients who had unilateral reconstruction (21 patients). Results : The median duration of hospital stay was 4 nights (range 3 to 5) for the bilateral group and 2 nights (range, 1 to 4) for the control group. The duration of rehabilitation process in patients from the control group with unilateral ACL reconstruction was one week shorter (9 versus 8 weeks). In the bilateral group, the median Lysholm score was 96 (range 85–100) and in the control group, the median score was 93 (range 81–100). The median time to return to full-time work and to full sports was 9 weeks and 7 months for the simultaneous bilateral group and 8 weeks and 6 months for the unilateral group. Six patients (86 %) in the bilateral group and 17 patients (81 %) in the control group were still performing at their pre-injury level of activity. The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia saves EUR 2,925 when we perform simultaneous bilateral ACL reconstruction instead of two stage ACL reconstruction. Conclusions : Mid-term clinical results suggested that simultaneous bilateral ACL reconstruction using either hamstring or patella tendon autograft is clinically effective. For patients presenting with symptomatic bilateral ACL deficient knees, one stage bilateral ACL reconstruction is reproducible, cost effective, and does not compromise functional results.