Can ID MigraineTM be used as a screening test for adolescent migraine?

Author: N Karli
Language: English
Published: 2007
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Although the ID MigraineTM has been developed and used for adults, it can also be used in adolescents. We aimed to investigate the validity of the ID MigraineTM in the adolescent student population. The study was performed on 1064 ado-lescents aged 12–17 years. A face-to-face semistructured interview was con-ducted with students after they had answered a 17-item questionnaire on sociodemographics and headache. Students who had had two or more headache attacks during the last 3 months then answered the ID MigraineTM. The sensi-tivity and specificity of the ID MigraineTM were 62.1 % and 71.1%, respectively. The sensitivity was higher for patients with migraine with aura (71.1%), for girls (71.3%) and for younger adolescents (69.1%). The specificity was higher for boys (77.9%) and for older adolescents (73.3%). The k value was 0.316 (P < 0.001). Although the k value of the ID MigraineTM is low, the test may be a useful tool in screening adolescent migraine after some changes are made. Adolescent headache, diagnosis, ID MigraineTM, migraine, screening tool