Sports Innovation : a bibliometric study

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Title translated into German:Sportinnovation : eine bibliometrische Studie
Author:Fernandes, Cristina; Ratten, Vanessa; Miragaia, Dina A. M.
Editor:Ferreira, João
Published in:Sport entrepreneurship and public policy : building a new approach to policy-making for Sport
Published:Cham: 2020, S. 153-170, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU202011010143

Author's abstract

The study of sports innovation has become an important area of business research, which has led to a growing number of publications on the topic in academic journals. Despite the increasing interest in research on sports innovation the literature is still fragmented with a diverse array of disciplinary perspectives. This chapter utilises a bibliometric analysis approach to synthesise the research that helps to provide a better understanding of the topic so it has more contextual focus. The literature is analysed and critiqued in terms of its interdisciplinary nature, which leads to a discussion of promising areas for future research. This helps build the field of sports innovation as a distinct discipline that connects the literature on sports with innovation management studies. As the field is rapidly gaining popularity, this chapter will play an important part in mapping current research that provides suggestions and advice to future research about sports innovation.