The relative effects of game outcome and process on fans’ media consumption experiences

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Title translated into German:Die relativen Effekte von Spielergebnis und -verlauf auf die Medienkonsumerfahrungen von Fans
Author:Jang, Eric Wonseok; Ko, Yong Jae; Wann, Daniel; Chang, Yonghwan
Published in:European sport management quarterly : ESMQ
Published:17 (2017), 5, S. 635-658, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:1618-4742, 1746-031X
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Identification number:PU201806004291

Author's abstract

Research question: The purpose of the current research was to examine the interaction effects between the positivity of game characteristics and different types of social experiences on fans’ evaluations of their retrospective media consumption experiences. Research method: The combination of game characteristics and the type of social experience were both manipulated variables. In the positive (negative) outcome but negative (positive) process condition, participants were asked to recall their favourite team’s game in which the team won (lost) but the game was boring (exciting). Furthermore, in the solo (joint) context condition, participants were asked to recall a game that they watched by themselves (with others). Results and findings: The results indicated that sport fans evaluated their retrospective media consumption experiences more favourably when the game outcome was positive (but the process was negative) compared to a game in which the game outcome was negative (but the process was positive). Interestingly, however, in the joint context, their retrospective evaluations of their media consumption experiences became more favourable when the game process was positive (but the outcome was negative) compared to a game in which the game process was negative (but the game outcome was positive). Implications: Because sport spectating is naturally a social form of consumption (i.e. people watch games with others), marketers should devote greater effort in enhancing the process of the game to maximise fans’ overall evaluation of the media consumption experience.