Research on Sino-European health project "Healthy children in sound communities"

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Title translated into German:Forschungstätigkeiten bei dem chinesisch-europäischen Gesundheitsprojekt "Gesunde Kinder in gesunden Gemeinschaften"
Author:Shen, Jiali; Naul, Roland; Yong, Songhui; Dreiskämper, Dennis
Published in:体育科研 = Sport science research
Published:35 (2014), 6, S. 90-94, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online)
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Identification number:PU201708006850

Author's abstract

The project "Healthy Children in Sound Community" HCSC,following the European sports fitness guidelines袁aims to build a comprehensive system, which comprises family, school, sports organizations, local governments, etc. Through decreasing the value of BMI, the project tries to help people avoid overweight, improve exercise ability and therefore enhance the quality of individual life. The paper elaborates on the historic development of HCSC and analyzes its core concept, organization structure and operation model. Taking the Chinese experiment schools as an example, the paper makes a comparative analysis of the students' physical fitness indexes before and after the experimental intervention.