Editorial : using Substances to enhance performance ; a psychology of neuroenhancement

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Title translated into German:Editorial: Verwendung von Stoffen zur Leistungssteigerung; eine Psychologie des Neuroenhancement
Author:Wolff, Wanja; Brand, Ralf
Published in:Frontiers in psychology
Published:2016, 7, Art.-ID 1741; [2 S.], Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online)
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Identification number:PU201707005587

Author's abstract

The contributions in this research topic offer various distinctive angles on the phenomenon of NE: Engaging in ethical considerations with a focus on psychological processes will hopefully lead to better alignment between normative ethical debates and empirical evidence. Research perspectives have the potential to catalyze further theory-driven research. Qualitative approaches and research using neuroscientific methodology represent two distant points on the continuum of possible ways to understand the NE phenomenon. These different approaches can, respectively, offer either a wide, holistic perspective or a narrow, specific perspective on a phenomenon. Finally, using empirical tests based on psychological theories to differentiate users from non-users or to predict future use will hopefully prove to be a further step toward a better understanding of the psychological drivers of NE. We believe these different perspectives can mutually benefit each other and inform further, much needed research on NE behavior.