The Olympic Games of Athens : 10 years later

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Title translated into German:Die Olympischen Spiele von Athen : 10 Jahre danach
Author:Georgiadis, Kostas; Theodorikakos, Panagiotis
Published in:Sport in society : cultures, commerce, media, politics
Published:19 (2016), 6 (From Olympic Administration to Olympic Governance: Challenges for Our Century), S. 817-827, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:1743-0437, 1743-0445, 1461-0981
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Identification number:PU201609006641

Author's abstract

This paper presents the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 and the legacy they have left to the city of Athens and generally to Greece. It relies mainly on research made after the Olympic Games 2004, as well as on a pan-Hellenic survey conducted through questionnaires to a country-wide sample of 600 respondents, men and women, from urban and non-urban regions. The survey focuses mainly on the sports venues, the impact of the Games on the infrastructures and the quality of life in Athens, the impact of the Games on urban interventions, the social legacy and the economic impact.