The rehabilitation effect of water exercise for chronic low back pain

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Title translated into German:Der Rehabilitationseffekt von Wasserübungen für den chronischen unteren Rückenschmerz
Author:Yuhong, Wen; Liu, Xurui; Zhang, Yiming
Published in:icSPORTS 2014 : proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Sports Science Research and Technology Support ; October 24-26, 2014, in Rome, Italy
Published:Cham: Science and Technology Publications (Verlag), 2014, S. 53-56, Lit.
Editor:International Congress on Sports Science Research and Technology Support
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Compilation article
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Document Type: Conference proceedings
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Identification number:PU201609006415

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The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the rehabilitation effect of the water exercise for chronic low back pain. 10 subjects aged from 20 to 60 are recruited to do water exercise 60 minutes for 3 times a week through 8 weeks period. 2 tests are executed in the 1st and 8th week. VAS、ODI are filled out by participants. Motion test are tested by protractor. It is found that by 8 weeks of water exercise training, waist pain can be relieved dramatically. Water fitness movement such as squat jump, suspending crouching can effectively extend the muscle and eliminate muscle tension. Waist dysfunction can be relieved effectively. Exercise such as kicking forward, kicking laterally can improve the balance and coordination ability. Waist joint mobility and muscle strength can be increased. Exercises such as hip abduction, hip extension and step walk can enlarge the range of lumbar joints activity. On the other hand the resistance of water can enhance the waist and back muscle strength furtherly, ease back muscle spasm, correct muscle imbalances, so as to increase lumbar motion rehabilitation purposes.