ls elite sport a driver for medical advance?

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Title translated into German:lst der Hochleistungssport ein Treiber des medizinischen Fortschritts?
Author:Noble, Brendon S.
Published in:Sporto mokslas
Published:2016, 1=83, S. 2-7, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:1392-1401, 2424-3949
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Identification number:PU201604002146

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In an era where the discovery and development of new medicine have hit its peak, areas of study that generate new thinking and related opportunity for medicine development are of great value. Society requires new medicine as an expanding ageing population in the developed world and the emergence of Western world diseases in the developing world place pressure on our global healthcare capability. Here we explore the possible meaning of elite sport to global, cutting edge medical advance. Why the elite sports industry might drive such advance? We believe that there are two broad areas to do this: 1. Discovery of bioactive molecules with medicine development potential based upon the exploration of the molecular basis of responses to exercise and physical activity and area of research endeavor known as mechanotransduction. This area of study has revealed the incredible potential for a range of naturally occurring molecules to maintain musculoskeletal health and has identified some of the key cell types responsible for orchestrating the beneficial responses. In particular, the bone resident osteocyte has been transformed from a little studies quiescent cell type into the foreman in charge of bone shape, size, and strength and also distant kidney function. 2. The clinical need generated by sport injuries in the elite competing population. Injury in this professional group has greater meaning then in the amateur sports person in terms of both earnings and career progression. The generation of novel medicine and therapies is of great value and includes the emerging clinical specialty of regenerative medicine. This specialty includes the use of cell-based therapies and is emerging fast. At its best, a cell-based therapy will not just treat a clinical condition; rather, it will cure it. Instead of requiring multiple doses over extended periods to control a clinical condition, one dose will cure the condition through the establishment of live cells in the tissues of need. The future holds medical promise and a little acknowledged role that elite sport plays important role in the realization of that promise might well represent a legitimate area for clinical therapy discovery.