Nobody’s innocent : the role of customers in the doping dilemma

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Title translated into German:Niemand ist unschuldig : die Rolle der Kunden im Dopingdilemma
Author:Emrich, Eike; Pierdzioch, Christian
Published in:Journal of sports economics
Published:17 (2016), 8, S. 767-789
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:1527-0025, 1552-7794
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Identification number:PU201501000538

Author's abstract

Customers who boycott an organization after some scandal may actually exacerbate the fraud problem they would like to prevent. This conclusion is derived from a game-theoretic model that introduces a third player into the standard inspection game. Focusing on the example of doping in professional sports, we observe that doping is prevalent in equilibrium because customers undermine an organizer’s incentives to inspect the athletes. Establishing transparency about doping tests is necessary but not sufficient to overcome this dilemma. Our analysis has practical implications for the design of anti-doping policies as well as for other situations of fraudulent activities. Verf.-Referat