Role of motor skills and visual demand for age-related deficits in dual-task walking

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Title translated into German:Bedeutung motorischer Fähigkeiten und visuelle Anforderungen für altersabhängige Defizite beim Gehen mit Zusatzaufgabe
Author:Beurskens, Rainer; Bock, Otmar Leo
Published in:Ageing research
Published:3 (2011), e5, S. 26-30, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:2036-7376, 2036-7384
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Identification number:PU201411009963

Author's abstract

Previous studies suggested that age-related deficits of walking are accentuated under dual-task conditions when the non-walking task is visually demanding. Here we evaluate whether a requirement for manual skills is critical as well. Young (22±2 years) and older (69±3 years) subjects walked along a straight path while performing a task that required manual skills but no visual processing, i.e., checking off boxes on a handheld panel without seeing the arm, or a task that required visual processing but no manual skill , i.e., a Stroop-like task with verbal responses. We found that the checking task affected the performance of young and elderly subjects to a similar degree, while the Stroop-like task affected seniors’ performance more than that of young subjects. This outcome confirms the role of visual demand for age-related deficits of dual-task walking (in the Stroop-like task), but doesn’t support a similar role for manual skills (in the checking task). Verf.-Referat