Подготовка специалистов в сфере физической культуры и спорта с учетом использования зарубежного опыта

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Title translated into Russian:Podgotovka specialistov v sfere fizičeskoj kul’tury i sporta s učetom ispol’zovanija zarubežnogo opyta
Title translated into German:Die Ausbildung von Spezialisten auf dem Gebiet von Körperkultur und Sport unter Berücksichtigung ausländischer Erfahrungen
Title translated into English:Expert training in the field of physical culture and sport in view of foreign experience
Author:Bojkova, T.J.; Dolgopolov, V.A.
Published in:Teorija i praktika fiziceskoj kul'tury
Published:2014, 7, S. 59-61, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201408007685

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The purpose of the research was to analyze education systems of European countries and evaluate adaptation to the conditions of the Russian educational system. Modernization of the educational process of Russian higher education has similar trends and has the same difficulties as education in European countries. Transition to multi-level higher vocational education is an important element of reforming in the sphere of higher education and meets the needs of the labor market. The introduction of the credit-modular system of assessing students' work will enable the new organization of the educational process in higher education - it's not just adaptation of our estimates in the world education space. This is a kind of change in the approach to education. The transition to a credit-modular system involves the new organization of students' work, when the acquired credits will show not how successfully the student replied to an exam and how systematically and intensively he worked while studying. The credit-modular system enables to gain various modules in addition to compulsory subjects, that i.e. to form an individual curriculum. Thus, student has his way of studies being developed that is focused on his needs. Global trends, prevailing in the field of education, are characterized by the more open and public nature, democratization and intensification of the process of education and suggest export and import of educational services, adequate to the modern information society. Verf.-Referat