Отношение жителей региона и гостей Универсиады-2013 к организации и проведению мегасобытия

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Title translated into Russian:Otnošenie žitelej regiona i gostej Universiady-2013 k organizacii i provedeniju megasobytija
Title translated into German:Verhältnis der Bewohner der Region und Gäste der Universiade-2013 zur Organisation und Durchführung des Mega-Events
Title translated into English:Attitude of regional residents and guests of Universiade-2013 to organization and hosting of megaevent
Author:Zotova, F.R.
Published in:Teorija i praktika fiziceskoj kul'tury
Published:2014, 4, S. 15-17, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201405004686

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The heritage concept first appeared in the 1990s when planning the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 (J.-L. Chappelet, 2008). Organizers of the Games in Atlanta pledged to leave behind the heritage, but they did not give a clear definition of its meaning in the context of sports event. The heritage of world-class sports events in the host cities can take various forms, including the form of non-sports (expansion of municipal infrastructure and the profile of national and international tourism) and sports benefits (development of national sport, consolidation of sports organizations and potential increase in the number of those engaged in mass sport). As the region's residents and guests of the event may give some idea of the scale of mega-event, policy of hospitality and value of sports event, study of their opinions is a determining factor in the study of the impact of major sports event on the host city, region and country. In accordance with the above, the purpose of the present study was to examine the respondents' attitude to the organization and hosting of the XXVll World Summer Universiade-2013. Thus, questionnaire of residents of Kazan and the region, guests of the Universiade-2013 revealed that the majority of respondents are proud of the fact that the Universiade are held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The feeling of satisfaction among the participants of the questionnaire is caused by the construction of world-class sports facilities; modernization of the transport infrastructure and appearance of the city. According to the majority of respondents of different social groups, organization and hosting of the Universiade will boost the amount of those who are engaged in physical culture and sport. All in all, the results of this research need to be more investigated in the context of ensuring of the long-term sustainable heritage of the Universiade-2013. Verf.-Referat