Наследие Универсиады и приобретения университета

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Title translated into Russian:Nasledie Universiady i priobretenija universiteta
Title translated into German:Das Erbe der Universiade und Erwerbungen der Universität
Title translated into English:The heritage of Student Games and benefits for university
Author:Jusupov, R.A.
Published in:Teorija i praktika fiziceskoj kul'tury
Published:2014, 1, S. 42-44, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201402001267

Author's abstract

The purpose of the study was to examine the results of training and staging of the XXVll World summer Student games in Kazan. The results for the university student sports cluster outcome of the World summer Student games-2013 were as follows: In addition to four modern sports facilities the University got equipment and gear for tens of millions of rubles. Moreover, other Kazan universities now have 20 new sports facilities of the international level. The vast top-level experience of organizing and staging sports events was acquired. The number of young people engaged in sports reaches 60% and it is not the limit. Quality material base is a powerful incentive to do sports. The rise of patriotism - one of the crucial aspects of the heritage of Student games, it is the feeling of pride for our young people, this is people united around their sports heroes. More than 150 gold medals in 27 sports is a record of Student games. This victory was well-deserved, everybody was in the same conditions. Kazan residents watched these victories firsthand, the judges were extremely objective and medals were won in a fair competition. The special spirit of cohesion of athletes and hosts of the competition was demonstrated at the opening and closing events of the Student games on the 45000 thousand stadium “KAZAN ARENA”: when the Russian team appeared the audience was extremely thrilled and rejoiced. This is one of the main outcomes of the Student games-2013 in Kazan. Verf.-Referat