Population study on ∆δ13C values of endogenous steroids in Romania

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Title translated into German:Bevölkerungsstudie zu den ∆δ13C-Werten von endogenen Steroiden in Rumänien
Author:Pop, Valentin; Zorio, Mirela; Pop, Alice; Vâjialã, Ileana
Published in:Recent advances in doping analysis (20) : Proceedings of the Manfred-Donike-Workshop ; 30th Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis ; 26th February to 2nd March 2012 2. Variante
Published:Köln: Sportverl. Strauß (Verlag), 2012, S. 213-216, Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU201308005820


As part of the method validation for establishing the exogenous source of endogenous steroids in human urine by estimating the 13C/12C ratio by GC/C/IRMS technique, a population study on the ∆δ13C values of a Romanian reference population has been conducted. The results of the study are presented. For each pair of target compound (TC)-endogenous reference compound (ERC) an individual reference interval was calculated as average ± 3 standard deviations. The reference intervals calculated on the basis of a population study are including both the natural variation within the reference population of these values and the uncertainty of the method of measurement. The reference interval, outside which the measured values are no longer compatible with a natural occurrence, presented variations from one TC-ERC pair to another, supporting the recommendation to calculate individual reference intervals for each TC-ERC pair. Verf.-Referat