Pohybová aktivita studentů s rozdílným studijním programem na univerzitách třetího věku v Brně

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Title translated into German:Bewegungsaktivität der Studenten mit unterschiedlichem Studienprogramm an den Universitäten des dritten Lebensalters in Brno
Title translated into English:Physical activity of students with different study program on universities of third age in Brno
Author:Engelová, Lucie; Pelclová, Jana; Novotný, Martin; Lepková, Hana
Published in:Česká kinantropologie
Published:13 (2009), 4, S. 23-31, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201305003364

Author's abstract

Universities of Third Age (U3A) are suitable for monitoring of physical activity by pedometers in seniors and might influence their physical activity by information technologies (IT). The study results might be used for PA increase and improvement of knowledge in this area in students within the study programs at Universities of third age. The objective of this study was to analyze the level of physical activity (step/day) related to a) study program and b) using Indares.com system 57 students (age 67.5 ± 5.3) of U3A of VUT and FSpS in Brno (VUT n = 33; FSpS n = 24) participated in this study. Data were collected in winter term during 8 weeks (61 days in total). Pedometer Digi-WalkerSW-700 was used for monitoring the number of steps/day. Students recorded their steps/day into special activity diary and the system Indares.com. Significant differences in steps/day were found on weekends between VUT and FSpS groups (MVUT = 9022 steps/day; MFSpS = 6300 steps/day; p = 0.028; ω2 = 0.07). No significant differences were found between group which used Indares.com for recording their PA and group which didn´t in both weekdays (p = 0.357; ω2 = 0.00) and weekends (p = 0.177; ω2 = 0.02). The link between practical and theoretical issues of PA (e.g. nordic walking, weight lifting, anatomy etc.) within the study program of U3A might positively influence the level of PA (steps/day) in seniors (a). There was found no effect on PA (steps/day) in seniors while recording their PA into the system Indares.com (b). Verf.-Referat