Manažersko-ekonomické aspekty uplatňované ve volejbalových sportovních střediscích mládeže v ČR

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Title translated into German:Management- und ökonomische Aspekte in den Volleyballsportzentren für Jugendliche in der Tschechischen Republik
Title translated into English:Management-exonomical aspects applied in the volleyball youth sport centers in the Czech republic
Author:Lehnert, Michal; Hobza, Vladimír
Published in:Česká kinantropologie
Published:16 (2012), 4, S. 40-46, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201304002446

Author's abstract

To improve the results of volleyball youth sports centres in the Czech Republic
(SpS) professionalism in all activities, management-economic realm not excepting,
is required. The aim of the study is to obtain information on the activities of SpS coaches focusing on the management and financing. For this purpose a survey was developed and sent to 18 coaches of male teams incorporated to SpS. 18 coaches responded (response rate 100%). The paper analyses three areas, Coaches and their activities, Management of the club, and Financial Resources of SpS. The results show that majority of coaches closely follow planning of the training process and obtaining helpful information to improve the training process. Coaches also fully appreciate the importance of cooperaprocess. Coaches also fully appreciate the importance of cooperaprocess. Coaches also fully appreciate the importance of cooperation with schools. There is space for improvement in the internal management, or more precisely in a comprehensive management “literacy” of coaches, and in partnership with players ́ parents. In terms of sources of financing subsidies (64%) and membership fees (24%) are the most important sources of income. There ́s still some space for improvement in sponsorship. The decisive costs are wages (37%) and transport costs (23%). The results of the survey can provide objective suggestions for of SpS functioning improvement. Verf.-Referat