Анализ на трудността на упражненията с уреди, изпълнени от състезателки по художествена гимнастика на Eвропейското първенство през 2010 г. в гр. Бремен, Германия

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Title translated into Bulgarian:Analiz na trudnostta na upražnenijata s uredi, izpălneni ot săstezatelki po chudožestvena gimnastika na Evropejskoto părvenstvo prez 2010 g. v gr. Bremen, Germanija
Title translated into German:Analyse der Schwierigkeiten der Übungen mit Gerät bei den Europameisterschaften in der Rhythmischen Sportgymnastik 2010 in Bremen, Deutschland
Title translated into English:Analysis of the difficulty of the exercises performed with instruments of rhythmic gymnastics at the European Championships in 2010, Bremen in Germany
Author:Dimitrova, Bonka; Velčeva, Daniela
Published in:Sport & nauka
Published:56 (2012), 2, S. 69-75, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1310-3393, 0324-136X
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Identification number:PU201303001707

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The aim of our study was to establish technical groups used basic exercises with equipment in rhythmic gymnastics. Objectives of the study are: - analyzing the number, type and group exercises in a combination of the instrument, - establishing combinations of exercises used, - analyzing the most frequently used combinations of various appliances, - determining the average home assessment of difficulty of the combinations. The analysis shows that in combinations with hoop, ball and rope met a large number of exercises and combinations - 1646 pcs. The difficulty of the exercises used and the combinations have a value of 0.20 to 1.1 so items are included in all major technical groups of the instruments, with the largest groups is the presence of capture and disposal. Combining type of performing the exercises with the instruments are weak - 211 pcs. Our recommendation is that the process of sports training must seek new methods and tooIs to gain the basic technical group exercises combining type of work. Verf.-Referat