Illicit dehydrochloromethyltestosterone : how pure is it?

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Title translated into German:Illegales Dehydrochloromethyltestosteron : wie rein ist es?
Author:Sobolevsky, T.G.; Prasolov, I.S.; Rodchenkov, G.M.
Published in:Recent advances in doping analysis (19) : Proceedings of the Manfred-Donike-Workshop ; 29th Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis ; 13th to 18th February 2011
Published:Köln: Sportverl. Strauß (Verlag), 2011, S. 219-222, Lit.
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Identification number:PU201211007392


Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone (DHCMT) and methandienone are structurally related anabolic steroids. While synthesis procedure of illicitly produced DHCMT is not known, chlorination of methandienone could be one of the options. In this case the final product may be contaminated with the residual methandienone. This is of critical importance as methandienone could be detected longer than DHCMT, and therefore administration of DHCMT by the cheating athletes may eventually lead to the adverse analytical findings for methandienone. Illicit DHCMT preparations were analyzed for the presence of methandienone applying HPLC clean-up followed by gas chromatography - triple quadrupole mass spectrometry. The preparations tested include “Turinabol” (Hebei Genera Labs, 3 different packs), “Turinalin” (Cooper Pharma), “Oxastenon” (Sci Pharma Tech), “Turanabol” (British Dragon), “Turabolone” (Dynamic Development Laboratories), “Turinadrol-l0” (Lyka, 4 different packs), “Turanabol” (Balkan Pharmaceuticals), “Oralturinabolan” (British Pharmaceuticals) and “Turinobol” (LSP). The traces of methandienone were detected in every DHCMT product in the amount ranging from ca. 0.15 to 40 µg per tablet depending on manufacturer. One of the products contained pure methandienone instead of DHCMT. Einleitung