Comparison of detected values Footscan – Kistler

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Title translated into German:Ein Vergleich der von Footscan und Kistler festgestellten Werte
Author:Pánková, Barbora; Kubový, Petr; Fanta, Ondřej; Jelen, Karel
Published in:Acta Universitatis Carolinae / Kinanthropologica
Published:47 (2011), 2, S. 208-214, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1212-1428, 0323-0511, 2336-6052
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Identification number:PU201210007029


Commercially available devices objectifying the amount of pressure under the foot are often different in accuracy and reliability of results. The aim of this pilot study was to compare output values of plantar pressure ​​within one step generated by the system Kistler and Footscan. Software synchronization of both devices was performed and it was found from the subsequent evaluation that the values ​​of forces obtained from the device Footscan are lower than these obtained from the Kistler system. This linear correlation may be only used in the evaluation phase of the maximum loaded foot (peak area); in the phase of lightening foot from the ground the system Footscan is burdened with a significant error of measurement, probably due to nonlinearity in the mechanical properties of the surface of the measuring plate. Verf.-Referat