Some considerations on the historical background of the Olympic Games in 300 B.C.

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Title translated into German:Einige Überlegungen zum historischen Hintergrund der Olympischen Spiele im Jahre 300 v.Chr.
Author:Kertész, István
Published in:Nikephoros
Published:23 (2010), S. 163-170, Lit.
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In his book on Ancient Greek Athletics S.G. Miller has reconstructed the Olympic Games held in 300 B.C. This has prompted my own interest in the origin and political background of the known victors in the Olympic Games of that year. The names and nationalities of eleven victors are known; and the most intriguing aspect for me is the successful participation of those from Magnesia on the Maeander, Mytilene, and Cyrene. In this paper I shall discuss the participation of the victors from those regions and try to shed some light on the development of those regions' relations with the Olympic movement and the general political conditions in that year. This is a worthwhile objective. The years around 300 B.C. were dominated by the political conflicts among the successors of Alexander the Great. Verf.-Referat