Short-term effects of electrical stimulation superimposed on muscular voluntary contraction in postural control in elderly women

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Title translated into German:Kurzfristige Auswirkungen der die willkürliche Muskelkontraktion überlagernden Elektrostimulation auf die Haltungskontrolle älterer Frauen
Author:Paillard, Thierry; Lafont, Christine; Soulat, Jean Marc; Montoya, Richard; Costes-Salon, Marie-Claude; Dupui, Philippe
Published in:Journal of strength and conditioning research
Published:19 (2005), 3, S. 640-646, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1064-8011, 1533-4287
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Identification number:PU201204002623


Thirty-two women between 62 and 75 years old were randomized into 3 groups. Each group performed a program of 4 sessions a week over 6 weeks. Group SC (n = 11) climbed up and down stairs, group ES (n = 11) practiced electrostimulation, and group SC + ES (n = 10) superimposed the 2 activities simultaneously. Using a force platform and a seesaw platform, static and dynamic balance in eyes-open and eyesclosed conditions were analyzed before and after the programs for each group. After the programs, the results indicated that dynamic balance improved for the 3 groups, but the contribution of visual information in the control of oscillation amplitude was lower in the SC group than in the ES and SC + ES groups. In the SC + ES group, the electrical stimulation interferes with neurophysiologic afference integration in postural control in relation to voluntary movement. Voluntary exercise appears to be more efficient than electrical stimulation and the superimposed techniques to change balancing tactics in the elderly. Verf.-Referat