Competition analysis of the last decade (1996 – 2008) in crosscountry skiing

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Title translated into German:Die Wettkampfanalyse des Langlaufs der letzten Dekade (1996-2008)
Author:Stöggl, Thomas; Stöggl, J.; Müller, Erich
Published in:Science and skiing IV : Fourth International Congress on Science and Skiing ; St. Christoph a. A., Austria, December 14-20, 2007
Published:Maidenhead: Meyer & Meyer Sport (Verlag), 2009, S. 657-677, Lit.
Corporate author involved:International Congress on Skiing and Science
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU201111009631


Cross country skiing (XCS) is a sport showing up a large variety and a multiplicity of determinants of performance. There are two basic skiing techniques, the classical and skating style, both including up to five sub techniques. During a rate, all these sub techniques are applied, depending on the shape of the terrain that mostly consists of a mixture of flat parts, steep and moderate up-hills, and downhill segments. The aim of the study was to get detailed information about the development of selected variables of XCS races over the past years in both the classical and skating techniques, for men and women, and in sprint and distance races, and to test the hypotheses that sprint performance is positively related to distance performance and vice versa. Einleitung gekürzt