Effects of balance training using wobble boards in the elderly

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Title translated into German:Auswirkungen von Gleichgewichtstraining mit Hilfe des Wackelbretts bei älteren Personen
Author:Ogaya, Shinya; Ikezoe, Tome; Soda, Naoki; Ichihashi, Noriaki
Published in:Journal of strength and conditioning research
Published:25 (2011), 9, S. 2616-2622, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1064-8011, 1533-4287
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Identification number:PU201110008518


Few studies have examined balance training of elderly people using wobble boards. This study assessed the effects of wobble board balance training on physical function in institutionalized elderly people. This study examined 23 subjects (age 84.2 ± 5.9 years) who lived in a nursing home. The exercise program for the training group comprised balance training standing on a wobble board for 9 weeks, twice a week. In all, 11 training group subjects and 11 control group subjects completed this study. After 9 weeks, standing time on a wobble board, standing time on a balance mat, and maximum displacement distance of anterior-posterior center of pressure in the training group were significantly greater than those of the control group. Frequency analysis revealed that the power spectrum in 0.1-0.2 Hz significantly increased in the training group. These results suggest that wobble board training is effective for elderly people to improve their standing balance, by which they frequently control their center of gravity and maintain a standing posture on unstable surface conditions. Verf.-Referat