A new technological tool to measure and manage strenght. AthletJump/IBV (P191)

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Title translated into German:Ein neues technologisches Hilfsmittel zur Messung und Steuerung der Kraft. AthletJump/IBV
Author:Gámez, Javier; Encarnación, Alberto; Garrido, David; Alcántara, Enrique ; Montero, José; Soler, Carlos; Vera, Pedro; Cruz García, Ana
Published in:The engineering of sport 7. Volume 2: 7th International Conference on the Engineering of Sport : Paris 2008
Published:Paris: Springer (Verlag), 2008, S. 273-277, Lit.
Research institution:International Sports Engineering Association
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Compilation article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201104003141


Coaches use different tools in order to measure the strenght such dynamometers, contact platforms or force plates. Because of that, the control of the training process became a difficult task, commonly the treatment of this information is difficult and the software is not usable enough. This situation became a barrier in the technology application in sport. The coaches need more than measure, they need easy and useful technological tools and scientific updated knowledge, which help and assess them in the training program. The objective of this paper is presenting a technological tool that is able to carry out two tasks: (1) measure explosive; (2) compare the test results of an athlete with his specific sport performance profile; Tool utilities are presented contextualized in soccer. The explosive force is measure by the sport jumps with and without load, such SJ, CMJ, ABK, DJ and RJ. Kinetic variables are measured and analysed. The dymanic maximal force is measured by the most widespread weightlifting exercises, squat and bench press. The maximal power, the power curve and symmetry in force generation of lower and upper limbs are the most important variables presented by this technological application. All those variables are measured by a 3D force plate and kinematic movement analysis system. A data base is included to compare the physical sport state of the athlete analysed with the performance profile of his sport. There is not a similar product in the market, so this tool will help and assess coaches to control several strength manifestation and the training program, in a objective way; using a unique technological tool, integrating tests and variables of analysis, protocols and sport performance profiles database. Verf.-Referat