Fitness test profiles as determined by the Eurofit test battery in elite female Gaelic football players

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Title translated into German:Mittels der Eurofit-Testbatterie bestimmte Fitnesstestprofile von Gaelic Football-Spielerinnen der Spitzenklasse
Author:Keane, Annette; Scott, Mark A.; Dugdill, Lindsey; Reilly, Thomas
Published in:Journal of strength and conditioning research
Published:24 (2010), 6, S. 1502-1506, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1064-8011, 1533-4287
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Identification number:PU201103002273


Gaelic Football is the main sport in Ireland and has potential for use as a means of fitness in health promotion contexts. The present study entailed a cross-sectional comparison of performances in a motor test battery between elite female players and an age-matched reference group. The aim was to identify the fitness items that characterize top performers in the game. Altogether, 83 women aged 18-29 participated in the study and completed a series of tests consisting of 8 items in the Eurofit Test Battery. The profiles of the 2 groups were subjected to logistic regression analysis. Four of the test items contributed to group discrimination (endurance, flexibility, trunk strength, and limb speed). Based on percentage difference, the most prominent discriminator was the estimated [latin capital V with dot above]O2max (mean 49.9 ± 4.2 vs. 39.7 ± 6.3 ml[middle dot]kg-1[middle dot]min-1). Grip strength and agility were also significantly superior in the Gaelic Football players (p < 0.05), who had significantly lower body fat values (23.3 ± 2.3%) than the reference group (27.2 ± 3.6%). The use of the Eurofit Test battery in games players was confirmed as were the multifactorial requirements of fitness for women playing this sport. It was concluded that elite Gaelic Football at top level is characterized mainly by high aerobic fitness, but a holistic training program is needed to cover the multiple fitness requirements of the game. Practical applications include the use of this game for health-related purposes. Verf.-Referat