Local sport in Europe : proceedings of the 4th EASS conference 31.05. - 03.06.2007 in Münster

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Title translated into German:Lokalsport in Europa : Tagungsband der 4. EASS Konferenz vom 31.05. - 03.06.2007 in Münster
Editor:Jütting, Dieter Heinz; Schulze, Bernd; Müller, Ulrike
Published:Münster: Waxmann (Verlag), 2009, 316 S., Lit.
Editor:European Association for Sociology of Sport
Edition:1. Aufl.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
Document Type: Anthology
Series:Edition global-lokale Sportkultur, Volume 25
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Identification number:PU201010008108


Although national and international aspects of the global sport system have become more important in the past decades, it is still at the local level where most of the sporting activities are realized. In order to draw attention to this aspect, the European Association for the Sociology of Sport (eass) chose the title “Local sport in Europe” for its 4th conference that was held in Münster, Germany in 2007. This volume is a collection of papers that were presented at this conference. The papers cover a great variety of topics that mirror problems and issues of contemporary society, such as violence, racism, gender and health issues, but also current problems of funding and organizational changes in the field of sport. The volume is subdivided into three principal themes: Sport, culture and society; Sport, ethics and identity and Sport, management and politics. Die Autoren und ihre Beiträge sind: 1. Hübner, Horst: Local sports activity and sports facilities. 2. Ohl, Fabien: Local sport between identity and economy. 3. Pfister, Gertrud: Sport for all – opportunities and challenges in different sport systems. 4. Barboza, Kulkanti: Classical dance in India and Europe: an intercultural comparison. 5. Cynarski, Wojciech J.; Obodyński, Kazimierz: The symbolic dimension of Japanese budō. 6. Dolan, Paddy; Connolly, John: Civilizing processes and hurling in Ireland: 1884-2000. 7. Hietzge, Maud; Husmann, Rolf: Performative ethnography and (g)local sports. 8. Müller, Marion: The frontiers of football: the meaning of ethnic-national origin in professional football teams. 9. Norden, Gilbert: Monuments and street names honouring sports personalities. 10. Russo, Pippo: Local sport in an era of post-territoriality. 11. Schulze, Bernd: Local sport in Münster. 12. Schwark, Jürgen: “Networking without checks” – golf as a calculated business accessory?. 13. Vagt-Keßler, Silke: “Acrobatic Salsa” in Germany – adoption process and body norms. 14. Vehmas, Hanna: Sociological explanations of sport tourism. 15. Bergant, Silvie; Hilscher, Petra; Weiss, Otmar: Sport identity and motivation of Austrian competitive athletes. 16. Gerwinat, Alexandre; Schweer, Martin K.W. ; Siebertz-Reckzeh, Karin: Sports clubs and sexual orientations – findings about a region’s perceptions dealing with urban versus rural differences. 17. Gomes, Rui M.: Youth beliefs about health status. 18. Ismer, Sven: The staging and (re-)construction of collective, nation-state-related emotions in the media coverage of world cup soccer matches. 19. Kosiewicz, Jerzy: Considerations on aggression in sport. 20. Lenartowicz, Michał; Dziubiński, Zbigniew; Jankowski, Krzysztof W.; Rymarczyk, Piotr: Socialization, motives and barriers of practising sport by top-level national athletes in selected sports. 21. Pereira, Ana Luísa; Corredeira, Rui; Sousa, Ana Isabel: The amputee’s body. 22. Roscher, Monika: Emerging order in movement. 23. Sekot, Aleš: Violence in sports. 24. Bottazzi, Roberto: Time and islands: the spatial politics of football. 25. Dancsecz, Gabriella; Szabó, Lajos: Analysing international sport events from the aspect of project management. 26. Förg, Richard: Local sport development: solutions and opportunities of the Internet. 27. Jütting, Dieter H.; Tiedtke, Stefanie: Local sport in Münster – jogging and running as urban lifestyle elements. 28. Lützenkirchen, Hans-Georg: Football fans as political players. On the enforcement of participation potentials and political co-determination by the fan community. 29. Numerato, Dino: The barriers of sport governance: “local” vs. “national”. 30. Penn, Roger; Kiddy, Mary: Sport and health: the return of the local. 31. Slepičková, Irena; Staněk, Miloslav: The impact of public administration reform on sport policy in the Czech Republic. 32. Staněk, Miloslav; Flemr, Libor: The role of local authorities of Czech cities in support of sport: a case study of the capital city of Prague. 33. Stone, Chris: From talking shops to constructive partnerships: a case study in community engagement. 34. Woodhouse, Donna: Positive Futures: the local delivery of a national sports-based social inclusion initiative. Verl.-Info und Inhaltsverzeichnis