Lietuvos olimpinės rinktinės trenerių organizacinės strukūros ir veiklos tyrimai Pekino olimpinių žaidynių metiniu ciklu

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Title translated into German:Analyse der Organisationsstruktur und der Praxis der Trainer der litauischen Olympiamannschaft während des Jahreszyklus der Olympischen Spiele von Peking
Author:Karoblis, Povilas; Raslanas, Algirdas; Poteliuniene, Sniegina; Steponavicius, Kazys; Briedis, Vytautas
Published in:Sporto mokslas
Published:2009, 2=56, S. 36-43, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:1392-1401, 2424-3949
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Identification number:PU201004003511


Beijing Olympic Games led to the emergence of the concept that each state must have new providence of sport problems perception, organizational structure of coaches` practice and its control, each state must seek after science quality that demands constructive perfection of the system. The analysis of questionnaires of coaches` practice and their reports, the search of new scientific technologies for trainings, the review of trainings records and reasoned critics of practical activity help to reveal athletes` training technology, its real factors, theories, and searches, contribute to management and change of the technology. All the problems of the pending topic were divided into these groups: the management of the yearly training cycle, the estimation of training loads and competitive practice, the parameters of yearly training loads, scientific and medical provision, scientific and methodical practice, the technical preparedness provision according to the programme “Beijing 2008”. The reports of coaches (29) were integrated into one functioning structure and so they characterize the trends of yearly training practice during all yearly cycles, help to understand training methodology aiming to achieve the best preparedness of an athlete and to predict the results in the Olympic Games. Coaches, scientists, medics, managers have evaluated present situation after they analyzed information about the yearly Olympic cycle and after they compared the data with pattern requirements and results achieved in competitions. It was estimated that there is no established program for medical athletes’ supervision and testing or such program is applied irregularly. Biomechanical evaluation of movements and biochemical control are applied irregularly too. There is no regular and feedback securing interaction among athlete-coach-medicpsychologist-sport manager, though some positive trends are fixed. The research revealed that coaches make contribution to their competences by participation in conferences or by making internships. But it emerged that coaches need more methodical and practical guidance because of the absence of the system for coaches’ qualification development for them to be professional in training high performance athletes. The problems of little opportunities for internships, the absence of sharing experience, the lack of seminars where trainers could get useful information exist too. The perception of reality, competitive action in trainings and in its science is very necessary for the coaches of Lithuanian Olympic team. Lithuanian Olympic team coaches must see new areas of training practice, have settled position, clear vision, scientific thinking. They definitely need computer-based training program and database, The most important thing in the new Olympic cycle is the annual development of computer-based training program, ant its positioning is the credo and wisdom of the coach, the position of his experience and creativity. Verf.-Referat