Middle distances: Contemporary theory, technique and training

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Title translated into German:Mittelstreckenlauf: Aktuelle Theorie, Technik und Training
Editor:Jarver, Jess
Published:Mountain View: Tafnews Press (Verlag), 2002, 168 S., Lit.
Edition:5th ed.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
Document Type: Anthology
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Identification number:PU200912007623


Der Sammelband enthält folgende Einzelbeiträge: [1] How to train to become a top-level distance runner (Mikkelsson, L.). [2] A successful formula for middle distance training (Paish, W.). [3] Middle distance athlete development (Moore, P.). [4] Do we need a methodological reform? (Smirnov, M.). [5] Coaching young middle distance runners (Moore, P.). [6] Avoiding the pitfalls of overtraining (Rowbottom, D.). [7] A goal-setting strategy for endurance athletes (Montrucchio, N.). [8] The end of “periodization” in the training of high-performance sport (Verhoshansky, Y.). [9] Is periodization still a valid approach to training? (Freeman, W. H.). [10] Energetics of high-intensity running (Gastin, P.). [11] Physiology an blood lactate response in middle distance running (Laurendet, P.). [12] A simple guide to energy-based selectin of training means in distance running (Lemberg, H.; Nurmekivi, A.; Mägi, T.; Nirk, A.). [13] Training control in running with event-specific endurance tests (Neumann, G.; Gohlitz, D.). [14] Principles of biochemical adaptation in training (Platonov, V. N.). [15] Energy system contribution during 400 to 1500 m running (Spencer, M. R.; Gastin, P. B.; Payne, W. R.). [16] An evaluation of perceived readiness of distance runners during the recovery periods between increased intensity segments (Nurmekivi, A.; Karu, T.; Pihl, E.; Lemberg, H.; Jürimae, T.). [17] About the specificity of endurance training (Nurmekivi, A.). [18] Competition planning in the buildup training of young middle distance runners (Jung, K. G.). [19] Theoretical planning of training processes in endurance events (Selujanov, V.). [20] Heart rate streams defining workout intensities (Anglin, G.). [21] Strength development in distance running training (Barnes, D.). [22] A blueprint of distance running training programs (Horwill, F. J.). [23] Train for the 800 (Bennett, S.). [24] Combined use of strength and aerobic training means (Ajakinchenko, E. et al.). [25] Optimum speed distribution in 800m and training implications (Prendergast, K.). [26] Altitude training problems (Bueno, M.). [27] How much strength is needed in endurance events (Suslov, F.). [28] Fads, facts and fallacies (Horwill, F. J.). [29] Psychological adaptation to heat stress (Vernacchia, R. A.; Veit-Hartley, S.). [30] The 200m steeplechase for women (Dimova, A.). [31] A structure for steeplechase training (Belishko, A.; Sirenko, V.). [32] Plyometrics in middle distance training (Swardt, A. de). Inhaltsverzeichnis