Changes in E.C.G. and the athletes heart

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Title translated into German:Das Sportherz und EKG-Veränderungen
Author:Hanne-Paparo, Nora
Published in:ASSIF : annual collection of scientifique papers
Published:4 (1989), S. 39-46, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU200903001375

Author's abstract

The athlete's heart undergoes adaptive changes to prolonged physical training loads. Changes in E.C.G. may resemble changes observed in patients with organic heart disease. In most cases there are no accompanying complaints. Three principle types of E.C.G. changes were described: 1) changes related to increased vagal tone on the heart, 2) changes related to increased mass of the heart muscle, 3) changes in repolarization of E.C.G. - changes that are difficult to distinguish from pathological changes. The latter changes are considered a deviation from the norm, specifically when there is no history of heart disease. The diagnosis and decision to terminate training for athletes with changes in E.C.G. can be very difficult. Noninvasive tests such as echocardiography, prolonged E.C.G. monitoring (Holter), chest x-ray and radionuclide angio cardiography may assist in diagnosis. Verf.-Referat