Comparison of whole body reaction time between japanese men with and without Metabolic Syndrome

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Title translated into German:Vergleich der Ganzkörperreaktionszeit von japanischen Männern mit und ohne metabolischem Syndrom
Author:Miyatake, Nobuyuki; Miyachi, Motohiko; Nishikawa, Hidetaka; Saitoh, Takeshi; Numata, Takeyuki
Published in:International journal of sport and health science
Published:5 (2007), S. 122-124, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:1880-4012, 0915-3942, 1348-1509
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Identification number:PU200902000687


We investigated the relation between metabolic syndrome and whole body reaction time. We used data for 169 men with metabolic syndrome and 398 men without. Metabolic syndrome was defined by a new criteria developed in Japan. Whole body reaction time was also measured by THP-15 (Sakai, Tokyo, Japan). Whole body reaction time in men with metabolic syndrome was significantly longer than without the syndrome. In addition, the clinical impact of dyslipidemia and body mass index (BMI) was also noted. Longer whole body reaction time was noted in Japanese men with metabolic syndrome. Verf.-Referat