Indoor-simulation of team training in cycling

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Title translated into German:Indoor-Simulation eines Mannschaftstrainings beim Radfahren
Author:Jaitner, Thomas; Trapp, Marcus; Niebuhr, Dirk; Koch, Jan
Published in:The engineering of sport 6. Volume 1: Developments for sports : Proceedings of the ISEA 2006 - Munich, Germany
Published:Wien: Springer (Verlag), 2006, S. 103-108, Lit.
Research institution:International Sports Engineering Association
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU200809003076


For the single cyclist performance parameters such as power, speed, or heart rate can be monitored during training and competition. Although cycling is primarily a single sport, riding in groups is a very common in training. An ambient intelligence system has been developed for the training of a group of cyclists. The objective of this system is to improve team training such that each cyclist is as close to his individual exercise intensity as possible. Besides physiological and biomechanical data, subjective sensations are also considered. The focus of this paper is on feedback training. Based on the comparison of dynamically collected status data and set values, the feedback training system adjusts training parameters, for instance by advising the group to change the order or the formation, to increase or decrease the speed, or to split the group. In a final version, the system should run under outdoor conditions. As an intermediate step, a prototype for indoor training was established. Verf.-Referat