The engineering of sport 6. Volume 1: Developments for sports : Proceedings of the ISEA 2006 - Munich, Germany

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Title translated into German:Sporttechnologie 6. Vol. 1: Entwicklungen für den Sport : Bericht zum Kongress ISEA 2006 - München, Deutschland
Editor:Moritz, Eckehard Fozzy; Haake, Steve
Published:Heidelberg: Springer (Verlag), 2006, XLIV, 444 S., Lit.
Research institution:International Sports Engineering Association
Edition:1. Aufl.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
Document Type: Anthology Conference proceedings
ISBN:0387317732, 9780387460505, 9780387317731, 9780387354606, 0387354603, 0387460500
Series:The engineering of sport, Volume 6,1
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Identification number:PU200809003055


This proceedings volume of the ISEA 2006 examines sports engineering, an interdisciplinary subject which encompasses and integrates not only sports science and engineering but also biomechanics, physiology and anatomy, and motion physics. This volume also examines the importance of developing and implementing sports technology: Table of contents: I. Baseball. 1. Nathan, A.M.: Synopsis. 2. Drane, P.J.; Sherwood, J.A.; Shaw, R.H.: An experimental investigation of baseball bat durability. 3. Russell, D.A.: Bending modes, damping, and the sensation of sting in baseball bats. 4. Shaw, R.H.; Sherwood, J.A.: Experimental investigations of the reationship of baseball bat properties on battered-ball performance. 5. Nathan, A.M.; Hopkins, J.; Chong, L.; Kaczmarski: The effect of spin on the flight of a baseball. 6. Smith, L.; Ison, A.: Rigid wall effects on softball coefficient of restitution measurements. 7. Kagawa, H.; Yoneyama, T.; Takahashi, M.: The effect of holding methods on a baseball bat performance estimation system. II. Climbing. 8. Fuss, F.K.: Synopsis. 9. Custer, D.: An estimation of the load rate imparted to a climbing anchor during fall arrest. 10. Fuss, F.K.; Niegl, G.: Dynamics of speed climbing. 11. Fuss, F.K.; Niegl, G.: Instrumented climbing holds and dynamics of sport climbing. 12. Phillips, A.; Vogwell, J.; Bramley, A.: Forces generated in a climbing rope during a fall. 13. Manin, L.; Richard, M.; Brabant, J.-D.; Bissuel, M.: Rock climbing belay device analysis experiments and modelling. III. Cycling. 14. Strangwood, M.: Synopsis. 15. Caton, C.; Jenkins, M.; Strangwood, M.: Thermo-mechanical modification techniques for structural foams used in racing bicycle wheels. 16. Horvais, N.; Samozino, P.; Hintzy, F.: The effect of a non circular chainring on cycling performance. 17. Tempia, A.; Subic, A.; Pagliarella, R.M.: Dynamic characteristics of modern mountain bikes rear linkages. 18. Fliege, I.; Geraldy, A.; Gotzheim, R.; Jaitner, T.; Kuhn, T.; Webel, C.: An ambient intelligence system to assist team training and competition in cycling. 19. Jaitner, T.; Trapp, M.; Niebhur, D.; Koch, J.: Indoor-simulation of team training in cycling. 20. Redfield, R.; Sutela, C.: A bond graph model of a full-suspension mountain bicycle rear shock. 21. Lukes, R.; Carré, M.; Haake, S.: Track cycling: An analytical model. 22. Mueller, M.; Senner, V.; Wimmer, M.: Forces during cycling after total knee arthoplasty. 23. Alam, F.; Subic, A.; Watkins, S.: A study of aerodynamic drag and thermal efficiency of a series of bicycle helmets. IV. Golf. 24. Mather, S.: Synopsis. 25. Koike, S.; Iida, H.; Shiraki, H.: Ae, M: An instrumented grip handle for golf clubs to measure forces and moments exerted by each hand during swing motion. 26. Sajima, T.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yabu, M.; Tsunoda, M.: The aerodynamic influence of dimple design on flying golf ball. 27. Naruo, T.; Mizota, T.: Experimental verification of trajectory analysis of golf ball under atmospheric boundary layer. 28. Fitzpatrick, K.; Anderson, R.: Validation of accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide real-time kinematic data for golf analysis. 29. Hoshino, Y.; Kobayashi, Y.; Suzuki, S.: Investigation of wrist release during the golf swing by using a golf swing robot. 30. Anderson, B.C.; Wright, I.C.; Stefanyshyn, D.J.: Segmental sequencing of kinetic energy in the golf swing. V. Gymnastics. 31. Kerwin, D.G.: Synopsis. 31. Sheets, A.L.; Hubbard, M.: Effect of shoulder compliance on peak high bar forces during the giant swing. 33. Kimmel, W.; Hubbard, M.: Effects of horizontal surface compliance on balance strategies. 34. Kerwin, D.; Irwin, G.: Predicting high bar forces in the longswing. 35. Irwin, G.; Kerwin, D.G.: Musculoskeletal work in the longswing on high bar. VI. Lawn sports. 36. Carré, M.: Synopsis. 37. Justham, L.; West, A.; Harland, A.; Cox, A.: Quantification of the cricket bowling delivery; a study of elite players to gauge variability and controllability. 38. Holmes, C.; Jones, R.; Harland, A.; Petzing, J.: Ball launsch characteristics for elite rugby union players. 39. McLeod, A.; James, I.; Blackburn, K.; Wood, G.: A novel quantitative method for the determination of wear in an installed synthetic tur system. 40. Seo, K.; Kobayashi, O.; Murakami, M.: Multi-optimization of three kicks in rugby. 41. Shipton, P.; James, I.; Vickers, A.: The mechanical behaviour of cricket soils during preparation by rolling. 42. James, D.; Carré, M.; Haake, S.: Studies on the oblique impact of a cricket ball on a cricket pitch. 43. Young, C.; Fleming, P.; Dixon, N.: Test devices for the evaluation of synthetic turf pitches for field hockey. VII. Skiing, Snowboarding and ski jumping. 44. Senner, V.: Synopsis. 45. Fauve, M.; Bäurle, L.; Rhyner, H.: Laboratory device for measuring the friction between ski-base materials and ice or snow. 46. Schindelwig, K.; Nachbauer, W.: Biomechanical instrumentation of the bergisel jumping hill in innsbruck and exemplary analysese. 47. Michaus, V.; Plummer, C.J.G.; Rhyner, H.; Manson, J.A.E.: Dynamic properties of materials for alpine skis. 48. Schiestl, M.; Kaps, P.; Mössner, M.; Nachbauer, W.: Calculation of friction and reaction forces during an alpine world cup downhill race. 49. Ohgi, Y.; Seo, K.; Hirai, N.; Murakami, M.: Measurement of jumper´s body motion in ski jumping. 50. Wu, Q.; Igci, Y.; Andreopoulos, Y.; Weinbaum, S.: Riding on air: A new theory for lift mechanics of downhill skiing and snowboarding. 51. Federolf, P.; Auer, M.; Fauve, M.; Lüthi, A.; Rhyner, H.: Subjective Evaluation of the performance of alpine skis and correlations with mechanical ski properties. 52. Yoneyama, T.; Scott, N.; Kagawa, H.: Timing of force application and joint angles during a long ski turn. 53. Lüthi, A.; Federolf, P.; Fauve, M.; Rhyner, H.: Effect of bindings and plates on ski mechanical properties and carving performance. 54. Miller, P.; Hytjan, A.; Weber, M.; Wheeler, M.; Zable, J.; Walshe, A.; Ashley, A.: Development of a prototype that measures the coefficient of friction between skis and snow. VIII. Football. 55. Carré, M.: Synopsis. 56. Jennings-Temple, M.; Leeds-Harrison, P.; James, I.: An investigation into the link between soil physical conditions and the playing quality of winter sports pitch rootzones. 57. Kerwin, D.G.; Bray, K.: Measuring and modelling the goalkeeper´s diving envelope in a penalty kick. 58. Asai, T.; Seo, K.; Kobayashi, O.; Sakashita, R.: Flow visualization on a real flight non-spinning and spinning soccer ball. 59. Hiramatsu, Y.; Ohshima, S.; Ohtsuki, A.: Gaze point analysis in movement prediction of soccer players by image processing. 60. Grund, T.; Senner, V.: Traction testing of soccer boots under game relevant loading conditions. 61. Marcolin, G.; Petrone, N.; Robazza, C.: Correlation between support foot placement and goal accuracy for instep kicks in soccer field. 62. Alcantara, E.; Rosa, D.; Gamez, J.; Martinez, A.; Comin, M.; Such, M.J.; Vera, P.; Prat, J.: Analysis of the influence of rubber infill on the mechanical performance of artificial turf surfaces for soccer. 63. Ronkainen, J.; Harland, A.: Soccer ball modal analysis using a scanning laser doppler vibrometer (SLDV). IX. Tennis. 63. Miller, S.: Synopsis. 65. Honda, Y.: Normal impact of hollow balls on flat surfaces. 66. Steele, C.; Jones, R.; Leaney, P.: Factors in tennis ball wear. 67. Goodwill, S.; Douglas, J.; Miller, S.; Haake, S.: Measuring ball spin off a tennis racket. 68. Choppin, S.; Goodwill, S.; Haake, S.: 3D player testing in tennis. 69. Cottey, Robert; Kotze, J.; Lammer, H.; Zirngibl, W.: An extended study investigating the effects of tennis rackets with active damping technology on the symptoms of tennis elbow. X. Water Sports. 70. Pallis, J.M.: Synopsis. 71. Hart, J.; Curtis, D.; Haake, S.: Computational fluid dynamic analysis of a water ski jumper. 72. Baca, A.; Kornfeind, P.; Heller, M.: Feedback systems in rowing. 73. Petrone, N.; Isotti, A.; Guerrini, G.: Biomechanical analysis of olympic kayak athletes during indoor paddling. 74. Barker, M.: So you think you know the ropes? White water rescue ropes and techniques. 75. Carswell, D.; Lavery, N.; Brown, S.: Computational modelling of surfboard fins for enhanced performance. 76. Yoneyama, K.; Nakashima, M.: Development of swimming prosthetic for physically disabled (optimal design for one side of above-elbow amputation. Verl.-Info und Inhaltsverzeichnis