Estimation of the reliability of measurements of motion ranges in knee joint with respect to various measurements techniques

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Title translated into German:Die Schätzung der Zuverlässigkeit von Messungen des Bewegungsradius im Kniegelenk in Bezug auf unterschiedliche Messmethoden
Author:Szulc, Pawel M.; Maczynski, Josek; Marecki, Bogustaw
Published in:Sport Kinetics '97 : theories of human motor performance and their reflections in practice. Vol. 2: Posters. Fifth International Scientific Conference of the International Association of Sport Kinetics common with the Section "Sportmotorik" of the German Association for Sport Science (dvs) and the Institute of Sport Science of Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg ; Magdeburg
Published:Hamburg: Czwalina (Verlag), 1998, S. 107-111, Lit.
Editor:Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft
Research institution:Universität Magdeburg / Institut für Sportwissenschaft; International Association of Sport Kinetics; Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft / Sektion Sportmotorik
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Identification number:PU200707001857


An attempt has been undertaken in order to explain the differences between goniometric and electrogoniometric measurements which occur in living subjects. The selection of the measuring points was verified by using the photographic method. Errors in measurement resulting from the shift of the goniometer arms perpendicular to the axes of the long segments, were verified. Einleitung