Determinant factors in a 200-m butterfly swim as related to the fluctuation in horizontal velocity of the body centre of gravity

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Title translated into German:Bestimmende Faktoren beim Schmetterlingsschwimmen über 200m in Bezug auf die Fluktuation der horizontalen Geschwindigkeit des Körperschwerpunktes
Author:Martins-Silva, A.; Alves, F.; Gomes-Pereira, J.
Published in:Biomechanics and medicine in swimming VIII : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. University of Jyväskyla, Finland June 28 - July 2, 1998
Published:Jyväskylä: Press of the Univ. of Jyväskylä (Verlag), 1999, S. 21-24, Lit.
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the determinant factors related to the fluctuation in horizontal velocity of the body centre of gravity (BCGVF) in a 200 m butterfly swim. Fourteen National level swimmers were videofilmed with two underwater (sagittal and frontal plane) and one above water (frontal plane) high resolution cameras. The whole body was digitised to create a complete image of a stroke cycle for each view. After filming and digitising procedures BCG velocity during all phases of the stroke cycle, and three-dimensional co-ordinates were calculated (DLT algorithm APAS system). The results of this pilot study pointed out that the major determinant factors related to the BCGVF were: 1. those directly related to the highest horizontal, vertical and lateral velocities of the hand during the last phases of arm stroke (upsweep and exit), 2. those directly related to the lowest velocities of the hand in all directional components during the most lateral phases of the arm stroke (insweep). Verf.Referat