Posture and proportionality in sport

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Title translated into German:Haltung und Proportionalitaet im Sport
Author:Bloomfield, J.
Editor:Elliott, Bruce
Published in:Training in sport. Applying sport science
Published:Chichester: Wiley (Verlag), 1999, 1999. S. 145-188, Lit., Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199912406742
AU  - Bloomfield, J.
A2  - Bloomfield, J.
A2  - Elliott, Bruce
DB  - BISp
DP  - BISp
KW  - Anthropometrie
KW  - Haltungsschwäche
KW  - Körperbaudaten
KW  - Körperhaltung
KW  - Sportmedizin
LA  - eng
PB  - Wiley
CY  - Chichester
TI  - Posture and proportionality in sport
TT  - Haltung und Proportionalitaet im Sport
PY  - 1999
N2  - Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Postural considerations in sport performance (The evolution and development of human posture; Postural changes during growth; Maintenance of posture; Advantages of good posture; Postural diversity within individuals; Posture and its relationship to somatotype; Postural defects; Static and dynamic posture; Posture assessment; Desirable postures for high-level sport performance; Modifying posture and technique to improve performance). 3. Body proportions and their effect on sport performance (Significance of proportionality modification in sport; Effect of growth on proportionality; Kinanthropometric assessment; Individual comparisons of athletes; Proportionality applied to sport performance; Proportionality characteristics of athletes; Racial characteristics; Body modification; Technique modification). 4. Conclusion.     Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis
SN  - 0471983144
SP  - 1999. S. 145-188, Lit.
BT  - Training in sport. Applying sport science
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ID  - PU199912406742
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