Passive energy absorption by human muscle-tendon unit is unaffected by increase in intramuscular temperature

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Title translated into German:Die passive Energieabsorption der menschlichen Muskel-Sehne-Einheit wird nicht beeinflusst von der intramuskulaeren Temperatur
Author:Magnusson, S.P.; Aagaard, P.; Larsson, B.; Kjaer, M.
Published in:Journal of applied physiology
Published:88 (2000), 4 , S. 1215-1220, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199912405971

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The present study measured hamstring intramuscular temperature and muscle-tendon unit viscoelastic properties in healthy young men before and after 10 and 30 min of running with (day S) or without stretch (day NS). On day NS, passive energy absorption and intramuscular temperature were measured before running (Preex), after 10 min of running at 70% of maximum O2 uptake (Postex10), and after 30 min of running at 75% of maximum O2 uptake (Postex30). On day S, the protocol was repeated with three stretches (stretches 1-3) added after Postex10. Intramuscular temperature was elevated Postex10 (P<0.01) and further Postex30 (P<0.05). On day NS, the total energy absorbed Preex (14.3+/-2.3 J), Postex10 (14.5+/-3.2 J), and Postex30 (13.5+/-2.4 J) was not different. On day S, the total energy absorbed in stretch 3 (10.8+/-1.8 J) was lower than that Preex (14.5+/-1.7 J, P<0.01) and Postex10 (13.5+/-1.9 J, P<0.05) but not Postex30 (13.3+/-1.8 J). The total energy absorbed Postex30 did not differ from Preex. In conclusion, warm-up and continuous running elevated intramuscular temperature but did not affect the passive energy absorption. Repeated passive stretching reduced the energy absorption immediately; however, the effect did not remain after 30 min of running. These data suggest that passive energy absorption of the human skeletal muscle is insensitive to physiological increases in intramuscular temperature. Verf.-Referat