Putting the accreditation cart before the AAASP horse: A reply to Silva, Conroy and Zizzi

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Title translated into German:Das Pferd von hinten aufzaeumen - die Anerkennung der AAASP: Eine Antwort auf Silva, Conroy und Zizzi
Author:Hale, Bruce D.; Danish, Steven J.
Published in:Journal of applied sport psychology
Published:11 (1999), 2 , S. 321-328, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU199912404875

Author's abstract

While Silva et. al. (1999) must be congratulated for leading a discussion of accreditation of graduate programs in applied sport psychology, the authors appear to have 'put the cart before the horse'. They have adopted an extreme one-sided position that suggests that accreditation of programs is the only viable solution for some of the training and employment problems that currently exist in the applied sport psychology profession. This response questions some of their assumptions and conclusions and offers several alternative solutions to these problems in a more balanced analysis of the current situation. It is hoped that these articles will stimulate further discussion at AAASP meetings and among practicing professionals. Verf.-Referat