The end of "periodisation" of training in top-class sport

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Title translated into German:Das Ende der "Periodisierung" des Trainings im Spitzensport
Author:Verchoshanskij, Juri V.
Published in:IAAF new studies in athletics
Published:14 (1999), 2 , S. 47-55
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199911403117


Currently there are different points of view evident in the international methodology literature on the system of training. There are, in addition, various concepts and "schools" of preparing competitive sportsmen. This is quite understandable in such a complex phenomenon like sport but, to begin with, one has to consider two facts. The first is a clear lack of general and fundamental papers on the scientific basis and methodical guiding principles of a theory o training. Secondly, there is, to a certain extent, a conservatism in the understanding of training and its organisational principles, created by the primitive terminology used in the concept of the so-called "periodisation of training" which is still supported today by L.P. MATVEEV. The author states that there cannot be a universal structure of training as MATVEEV had in mind! However, there can be and has to be a uniform, scientifically justified, methodological approach to understand the nature of training and consequently also the tasks of the theory of training. On this basis, the actual system of training for a certain sport can then be developed. Verf.-Referat