Age and gender effects in physical self-concepts for adolescent elite athletes and nonathletes: a multicohort-multioccasion design

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Title translated into German:Alters- und Geschlechtseffekte bei koerperlichen Selbstkonzepten von jugendlichen Elitesportlern und Nicht-Sportlern: ein Multikohorten- und Multigelegenheitenentwurf
Author:Marsh, Herbert W.
Published in:Journal of sport & exercise psychology
Published:20 (1998), 3 , S. 237-259, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:0895-2779, 1543-2904
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Identification number:PU199903307932

Author's abstract

Age and gender effects in 10- physical self-concept scales for elite athletes and nonathletes were based on responses from 4 age cohorts (grades 7-10 in high school) who completed the same instrument 4 times during a 2-year period. A multicohort-multioccasion design provides a stronger basis for assessing developmental differences than a cross-sectional comparison collected on a single occasion or a longitudinal comparison based on responses by a single age cohort collected on multiple occasions. Across all 10 physical self-concepts there were substantial differences due to group (athletes > nonathletes), gender (males > females), and gender x group interactions (athletes < nonathletes in gender differences). There were no significant effects of age cohort and only very small effects of occasions. Thus longitudinal and cross-sectional comparisons both showed that mean levels of physical self-concept were stable over this potentially volatile adolescent period and that this stability generalized over gender, age, and athlete groups. Verf.-Referat