Age-related changes in the magnitude of postural sway in healthy women

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Title translated into German:Altersbedingte Veraenderungen auf das Ausmass der Haltungsschwankung bei gesunden Frauen
Author:Okuzumi, H.; Tanaka, A.; Nakamura, T.
Published in:Journal of human movement studies
Published:31 (1996), 5 , S. 249-261, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199804301526

Author's abstract

We investigated age-related changes in the magnitude of postural sway during upright standing in healthy women. A total of 123 healthy female volunteers aged 21 to 79 years participated. Postural sway was measured on a force platform in the Romberg position with eyes open and eyes closed. The magnitude of postural sway was calculated in three directions (lateral, fore-aft and total) over a 25.6 sec period. Both the magnitude of total and lateral sway increased significantly with advancing age. On the other hand, age-related changes in the magnitude of fore-aft sway were not remarkable and the magnitude of sway in odler persons is nearly equal to that in young persons. These results suggest that the ability to control lateral sway has an effect on the influence of aging, while the ability to control fore-aft sway does not relate as much to said influence. Verf.-Referat