Exercise program for children with bronchial asthma

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Title translated into German:Sportprogramme fuer Kinder mit Asthma bronchiale
Author:Kurihara, Kazuyuki
Published in:Asian medical journal
Published:33 (1990), 1 , S. 1-7, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199612201727

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The increase in allergic diseases is subject for urgent concern in pediatrics in Japan. Bronchial asthma is now a major cause of long term absenteeism among school children. In the diagnosis of bronchial asthma, patients should be evaluated from the point of view of both allergy and respiratory disease. One method to evaluate airway hyper-responsiveness is exercise challenge. Bronchoconstriction induced by exercise is called exercise-induced asthma (EIA), and it is important to recognize this phenomenon in the management of the daily life of asthmatic children. The degree of EIA is generally proportional to the severity of bronchial asthma, but it is affected by the intensity, duration, and type of exercise and the atmosphere (temperature and humidity). Exercise program for asthmatic children should be evaluated both physiologically and psychologically. For patients with severe EIA, it is necessary to consider the method and type of exercise to reduce the occurrence of EIA, and medication prior to exercise is sometimes needed. Swimming is popular as a physical training for asthmatic children. The effect of exercise on accompanying symptoms should also be considered. Verf.-Referat