Stress fracture of the femoral neck in a long distance runner: biomechanical aspects

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Title translated into German:Ermuedungsfraktur des Oberschenkelhalses bei einem Langstreckenlaeufer: biomechanische Aspekte
Author:Kupke, Mical J.; Kahler, David M.; Lorenzoni, Mark H.; Edlich, Richard F.
Published in:Journal of emergency medicine
Published:11 (1993), 5 , S. 587-591, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199612201670

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With the rising public interest in physical fitness, emergency physicians are seeing an increasing number of stress fractures. Early diagnosis, followed by conservative management, allowed a long-distance runner with a compression type stress fracture of the femoral neck to return to running. The biomechanical cause of this injury may be related to erosion of the sole of the running shoe that reduced its shock absorption and increased the potential for injury. Verf.-Referat